Getting ready for Corda

Set up your development environment

Reading Time: 2 min

In the previous modules, you discovered the theory of blockchain, the fundamentals of cryptography, plus the key concepts of Corda.

No doubt, you are eager to start hammering away at your public class AwesomeWorkflow on the keyboard! Well, it is nearly time, but not quite yet. First, in this module, it's time to set up your computer, look at some simple working code, run a flow to create states, and dig a bit in the node's innards.

This module may take you some time to digest, and that will be time well invested. When you start to create your first classes, you will always be able to track back to this module and look for "this piece of code I know I saw somewhere".

Here is what you will be doing:

  • Learn enough Git to not be lost.
  • Prepare your computer and coding environment.
  • Follow a guided tour of a working code example.
  • Run it on your command line.
  • Do the same but dig inside the DB at the same time.
  • Follow a guided tour of the tests.
  • Reflect a bit on how to design for Corda.

Time to get started.

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